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Maintenance of Electrical Enclosures and Related Equipment

By Jeson Pitt

Electrical enclosures must be installed along with heating or cooling options because these systems are intended to protect equipment from the damaging effects of temperature extremities and humidity/moisture buildup. MORE

Taking the Heat Out of Measuring Thermal Conductivity

Dr Giles Humpston, Cambridge Nanotherm

The critical importance of quickly removing heat from electronic components is well documented. In the case of LEDs allowing a design to ‘run hot’ drastically reduces component lifespan and significantly increases the risk of catastrophic component failure. Conversely, if the heat can be managed and removed from the LED quickly enough then designers can run LEDs at a higher power: producing more heat but also more light. Ultimately this can mean using fewer LEDs and smaller substrates to generate the same number of lumens, helping to drive down the overall BOM. Knowing how to measure the thermal properties of any given material is key to creating a system that balances thermal performance with material cost. MORE

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