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The Five Stages of System and Component Thermal Design

Matt Romig, Analog Packaging Co-Design and Roadmap Manager
Texas Instruments

Thermal-performance questions for power-management components seem very simple at first. But many component engineers and system designers for applications such as industrial, automotive, communications and enterprise equipment have found that things can get complicated very quickly. MORE

The Importance of an Uninterruptible Power Supplies Meeting UL 508

Michael A. Stout, Vice President Engineering
Falcon Electric, Inc.

Automated systems come in all stripes – from SCADA systems controlling the extraction, processing or transmission of oil, to process systems in a bottling plant. Regardless of the industrial application, automated systems all rely on a steady flow of clean, regulated ac power. These control systems are often subjected to a harsh temperature environment meaning that all elements of the automated system, such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), sensors and the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) must exceed the 0C to 40C specification of most off-the-shelf UPS products. MORE

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