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5 Reasons Why IoT Design Needs Custom ESD Protection

Bart Keppens, Sofics
Via the On-Chip Protection Blog

Cisco predicts that there will be more than 50 Billion devices connected to the internet by 2020. It is called the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Some call it a hype and wonder how connecting your refrigerator to internet will benefit anyone. But IoT is about much more than automated shopping lists. When you combine sensors, actuators, and networked intelligence the possibilities are endless. It can boost productivity, save resources and even prevent health issues. MORE

Securing Electronics in Modern Railway Systems

Hayden Harrington, Application Engineer
Optima Stantron

When the first trains started ambling down their tracks, excessive speed that could cause derailment was not a factor. Nor was there concern about the amount of traffic travelling the rails. But obviously over the years, the railway system has undergone significant evolutions that moved it from merely an efficient method of transportation to a vital means of economic development. This has significantly increased both the dependence on railroads for mass transportation of goods and people as well as the need for a more efficient system to manage the larger traffic network. MORE

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