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Granting Time Based Access to Server Racks with Bluetooth Technology

Steve Spatig, General Manager, Electronic Access Solutions

The data center environment is often in a perpetual state of change. For the data center manager, new enhancements and installations or the decommissioning of systems and services presents new challenges when managing the physical security of server cabinets. With these activities, the risk of security breaches intensifies, especially when various users need to access servers to perform routine troubleshooting and maintenance. MORE

Questions to Ask Before Selecting Power Solutions for Midsize IT Applications

David Sonner, Vice President Marketing,
Liebert AC Power at Emerson Network Power

For midsize power applications, the challenges of powering data centers and remote IT facilities are many. The key to overcoming these challenges is having fast solutions that deliver lower first costs and ongoing operational savings, while offering the flexibility required in today’s dynamic IT environments. The best power solutions meet requirements for: MORE

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Wide-Input Range, 10 W DC-DC Converters in a Compact Industry Standard Package
450 Watt DC/DC Converters For Electric Vehicles Scalable to 900 Watts
New UL489 and UL1077 Type Mini Circuit Breakers
EIC Solutions Introduces High Delta T Thermoelectric Air Conditioners to Combat Harsh Cooling Environments
scSTREAM/HeatDesigner V12 Released
Orion Fans Develops Super High-Performance DC Fan Series