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Is it Time to Modernize Your Power Infrastructure?

David Sonner, Vice President Marketing,
Liebert AC Power at Emerson Network Power

Many data center managers expanded their IT equipment and supporting infrastructures during the IT capacity boom years from 2003 to 2008. Given that data center infrastructure investments typically follow a 10 to 15-year planning cycle, many data centers are still being supported by these older “legacy” power systems. Since significant advancements in performance and efficiency were made after 2008, legacy power systems lag behind modern technologies in their ability to solve the challenges data center managers now face. MORE

Avoiding Redesign: The Importance of Upfront Planning

David Robson, Director of Sales
Orbel Corp.

“I wish we had thought about that when we started our design effort.” These words are articulated every day when the important questions aren’t addressed as a precision metal part is being developed. MORE

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