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Reinventing the Spring-Loaded Probe Pin

Jeff Elliott – Technical Writer

For decades the spring-loaded probe aka pogo-style pin has delivered excellent mechanical and electrical performance in a highly compliant contact.  However, this often came at a high cost given that each pin is constructed of 3-4 discreet parts manufactured and assembled in a laborious, less-than-fully-automated process.  MORE

Five Ways Medical Device Shipping and Logistics Can Get Green

Tim Jennings, President
Custom Case Group

My company has been making custom shipping and transport cases in the medical device manufacturing industry for years. Because we’re involved with the market as a whole, we’re able to take in the “big picture” view of things. That is, we see the subtle industry fluctuations from all sides—in everything from device materials and sizes to the types of devices being manufactured more or less often at any given time. MORE

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