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A Better Alternative to Heat Pipes: Integrating Vapor Chambers into Heat Sinks

George Meyer, CEO
Celsia, Inc.

Often in high power density or low profile heat sink applications, the spreading resistances in the base of the heat sink limits the performance of the design. Once it is determined that normal heat sink materials, aluminum or copper, are either insufficient or too bulky to meet the design objectives, the obvious next step is to look at two phase spreading devices, such as heat pipes or vapor chambers. MORE

Thermal-Fluid Modeling for Flat Thin Heat Pipes/Vapor Chambers

Mohammed T. Ababneh and Pete Ritt
Advanced Cooling Technologies

Frank M. Gerner, University of Cincinnati 

Rapid and continuous improvement in electronic systems technology has necessitated greatly improved thermal management products and solutions. With these thermal management product advances also comes the challenge of developing more sophisticated modeling techniques to identify and understand key aspects which affect device performance.  MORE

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