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4 Critical Things to Consider While Selecting a Fuse for Control Circuit Protection

By Jeson Pitt | Electrician | D&F Liquidators

An electric fuse is an important electrical component that protects against overcurrent events by melting its elements and opening the circuit. Fuses must be applied at or below their specified voltage rating, which differs between ac and dc current.

They come in different shapes and sizes. This allows you to pick a replacement easily, however, since there is such a wide variety available, the likelihood of two aesthetically identical fuses having the same operating specifications is pretty low. Due to this, one can make mistakes while selecting a new or replacement fuse. This mistake may put people and equipment at risk. MORE

Rugged Box PCs Redefine Embedded Systems through Modular Design

Jarvis Wenger | Product Solutions Manager, Technical Solutions Group | MEN Micro

The demand continues to increase for embedded control systems in widening areas of industry and transportation. Not only that, the demand is becoming, well, more demanding.

Industries with needs in remote and hostile areas—oil and gas, mining and marine as well as railway, trucking and mass transportation—are looking for solutions in the form of rugged, quickly configurable, deliverable and reliable systems. System designers want to order a single box, configured to their needs, that they can install, program to their specific application and easily run with minimum maintenance or concern. MORE

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