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Bluetooth Solutions for Wireless Credential Management and Audit Trail

Steve Spatig, General Manager, Electronic Access Solutions

With data protection regulations calling for stricter physical security requirements at the rack level, data center managers are seeking solutions for simplified access control and credential management, outside of traditional lock-and-key solutions. In many cases, complicated networked security installation and IT support become considerable road blocks to implementation. MORE

Simplifying the Compliance Checking Process for NERC PRC-025-1

Steve Nollette, Supervising Engineer
Emerson Network Power, Electrical Reliability Services

Imagine sitting in your New York City office on a 90-degree day in August, when your air conditioning shuts down, along with your computer and office lights. You didnít save that spreadsheet you were creating and were thinking ahead to your evening at home. You planned on digging in to your fully stocked refrigerator to make dinner for your grandmother who relies on an oxygen concentrator. Looking out your window, you see that the city has gone dark, and the panic sets in. MORE

Emerson Network Power Rebrands as Vertiv
Element Six Extends its Lead in Patents for Single Crystal Synthetic Diamond
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Wall Mount Kit For METCASE UNIDESK Enclosures
Pixus New Blower Options for AdvancedTCA Shelf Provides Up to 2300 CFM of Airflow
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6,000 W Power Converter Rugged Design for Critical Railway Applications
Tripp Liteís 3-Phase Rack ATS PDUs Granted U.S. Patent
Cradle Releases PICLS V2
Pixus New Blower Options for AdvancedTCA Shelf Provides Up to 2300 CFM of Airflow
JARO’s New Whisper Fan Boasts Soundless Operation