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FAQ’s About Temperature Control and Sensor Selection

Thermalogic Corp.

FAQs for Temperature Controls:

Do I need PID or ON/OFF control?
Usually, if your system moves heat quickly (less than a few seconds delay from changing heater power to observing a change in temperature at the load) from the heat source into the area under control or the amount of heat available matches or exceeds dissipation by less than a factor of about 2, then ON/OFF control will give consistently better performance. That is, ON/OFF control will produce less overshoot, smaller deviations from setpoint, and faster warm-up than a PID control without extensive tuning. MORE

Creating a Data Center Efficiency Plan

Future Resource Engineering

One of the most widely discussed issues within the data center industry today is how to run the facility more efficiently without impacting uptime and reliability. There is a plethora of industry news about the growing power consumption of data centers which has sparked significant efforts to save energy through the use of better data center management tools and more efficient equipment. Other factors influencing the wave of efficiency efforts include increased awareness of corporate responsibility, “going green”, reducing operating costs, and corporate-wide energy reduction goals. These influences have all pressured data center owners/operators to examine new ways to reduce energy consumption in their facilities. MORE

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