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How Trends in Electronics are Affecting Connectors

Bob Stanton, Director of Technology

Rapidly changing demands and designs in product performance and electrical integrity are having a huge effect on electronic connector systems. New smaller and more portable electronics in aerospace, defense and other stressful environments, like those encountered in robotics and oil exploration, are resulting in changing demands and designs. To meet the needs, changes are needed to standard micro-D connectors. MORE

Unreliable Energy Silently Stalks Electronics to Impact Uptimes, Asset Performance and the Cost of Field Service

Malinda Wilkinson, Director of Marketing
Innovolt -†

The power grid that every business relies upon to connect, inform and fuel their operations consists of an aging collection of power generation,†transmission†facilities and distribution facilities, some of which date as far back as the 1880ís. When one combines this aging infrastructure with our relentless thirst for more power as more businesses add more devices to more aspects of their operations, the margin for error within our power ecosystem has become extremely thin. MORE

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