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Using Thermal Simulation to Design a Better Outdoor Electronic Product

Nitesh Kumar Sardana, Thermal Management of Electronics Group
Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solution Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, India

Electronic products operate in varied thermal environments. Their operation is challenged when the size of the housing is reduced and when the product is mounted in an open environment exposed to climatic conditions. Solar radiation increases the temperature difference of the productís internal air from the ambient by 150 to 300 percent. MORE

Adiabatic Technology Helps Cooling Keep Pace with Data Center Growth

Adam Meyer, Sales Manager
Technical Systems, Inc.

Every year, the amount of electronic data that companies process and store grows exponentially. Data centers cannot economically increase the physical space available to keep pace with the growth, and are now challenged to provide more computer power in the same amount of space. The higher levels of microprocessing power in the same physical footprint increases heat density, so owners need more efficient cooling systems that will keep up with the market need without breaking the bank. One technology receiving attention is adiabatic cooling, which uses up to 90 percent less water than other systems. MORE

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