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EMI Compliance: Choosing the Right Shielding and Gasketing

Ed Nakauchi, Technical Consultant
Orbel Corp.

Compliance to EMI regulations is essential in today’s global market and applies to almost any electronic/electrical device. Also, almost every country in the world now requires meeting not just EMI emissions standards, but also immunity requirements. There are essentially two basic approaches for reducing or shielding electromagnetic emissions from a device or system as well as improving its immunity performance. The first is shielding at the printed circuit board level utilizing proper design techniques; the second is to place the device or system in a shielded enclosure. This article discusses available shielding products for use at both the printed circuit board level (board level shielding) and at the system level (gasketing). MORE

Common IP Testing Failures and How to Avoid Them

Erik Rohr, Trace Laboratories

A product that is used outdoors, in a dusty factory, or near your morning latte will often require some level of tested and certified protection against the ingress of dust and water. Companies want their products to meet specific Ingress Protection (IP) ratings, for reasons of safety, functionality, and even as a marketing technique to demonstrate superior performance over the competition.  This article will discuss ways that water and dust find their way into various types of products, and design techniques to ensure the best possible test. MORE

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