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Increase Rack Cooling Efficiency and Solve Heat-Related Problems

By TrippLite

Cooling tends to take a back seat to other concerns when server rooms and small to mid-size data centers are first built. As computing needs grow, increased heat production can compromise equipment performance and cause shutdowns. Haphazard data center expansion creates cooling inefficiencies that magnify these heat-related problems. End users may assume that they need to increase cooling capacity, but this is expensive and often unnecessary. In most cases, low-cost rack cooling best practices will solve heat-related problems. Best practices optimize airflow, increase efficiency, prevent downtime and reduce costs. MORE

EMI Compliance: Choosing the Right Shielding and Gasketing

Ed Nakauchi, Technical Consultant
Orbel Corp.

Compliance to EMI regulations is essential in todays global market and applies to almost any electronic/electrical device. Also, almost every country in the world now requires meeting not just EMI emissions standards, but also immunity requirements. There are essentially two basic approaches for reducing or shielding electromagnetic emissions from a device or system as well as improving its immunity performance. The first is shielding at the printed circuit board level utilizing proper design techniques; the second is to place the device or system in a shielded enclosure. This article discusses available shielding products for use at both the printed circuit board level (board level shielding) and at the system level (gasketing). MORE

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