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Electronic Access Technology: How It Fits Into the IoT

By Steve Spatig, General Manager, Electronic Access Solutions, Southco, Inc.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept thatís driving significant technological transformations across a broad range of industries and applications. IoT is often described as multiple, overlapping and interconnecting networks of intelligent devices, connected through various Internet- and cloud-based platforms, to provide remote monitoring and control of the connected devices. Continue reading

Custom Redesign of Enclosure Can Reduce Cost of Product by 80 Percent

By Ken Tumblison, President, Buckeye Shapeform
Enclosure Redesign
Changes and innovation are happening at a breakneck pace in industries that produce highly sensitive telecommunications equipment or electronic equipment that handles demanding high-speed data collection or advanced data analysis. Continue reading

Why the Internet of Things Needs Circuit Protection

David Johnson, Technical Market Analyst
Bourns, Inc.
IoT Circuit Protection
The world is moving toward implementing the Internet of Things (IoT), which will have far-reaching and positive impact on virtually all industries and applications. Continue reading