Expanding Enclosure Security with Electronic Access Technology

Steve Spatig, General Manager, Electronic Access Solutions
Southco, Inc.

Securing the Networked World
There are a growing number of networked high-tech devices and systems in operation throughout the world today. Most of these systems function as essential components of communications and power networks, or as intelligent equipment or devices featuring connectivity to larger networks. Continue reading

Considerations for Deploying New Rack and Enclosure Solutions

Jessica Biggerstaff, Product Manager

Racks and enclosures can be found everywhere. They are in airports, stores, healthcare facilities, manufacturing and production environments, schools and enterprise data centers – to name just a few. They’re available in different sizes, shapes and colors. But one thing is certain: no matter the equipment you’re looking to store, protect, cool, power, manage and secure, you can bet there’s a rack or enclosure available to meet your needs. Continue reading

Cooling Towers Offer Water and Energy Savings as Part of Efficient Data Center Cooling Systems

Douglas Bougher and Kent Martens, P.E.
SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc.

The number of data centers in the United States continues to grow in response to the enormous amount of digital information stored and streamed. The massive computer power within these data centers generates heat, making efficient cooling a key building system requirement. Evaporative cooling towers are an integral part of many data center cooling systems. Continue reading

Prefabrication – The Winning Formula for Edge Data Centers

Mark O’Sullivan, Regional Sales Director

Speed to data. That’s what it’s all about. In a world where data is being increasingly generated and demanded planet-wide rather than just in the Tier 1 cities, the winners in the co-location and cloud services race will be the companies that can deliver data the fastest to end users worldwide. Continue reading

Using Thermal Simulation to Design a Better Outdoor Electronic Product

Nitesh Kumar Sardana, Thermal Management of Electronics Group
Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solution Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, India

Electronic products operate in varied thermal environments. Their operation is challenged when the size of the housing is reduced and when the product is mounted in an open environment exposed to climatic conditions. Solar radiation increases the temperature difference of the product’s internal air from the ambient by 150 to 300 percent. Continue reading

Adiabatic Technology Helps Cooling Keep Pace with Data Center Growth

Adam Meyer, Sales Manager
Technical Systems, Inc.

Every year, the amount of electronic data that companies process and store grows exponentially. Data centers cannot economically increase the physical space available to keep pace with the growth, and are now challenged to provide more computer power in the same amount of space. The higher levels of microprocessing power in the same physical footprint increases heat density, so owners need more efficient cooling systems that will keep up with the market need without breaking the bank. One technology receiving attention is adiabatic cooling, which uses up to 90 percent less water than other systems. Continue reading

What Makes an “Ideal” Data Center?

Srikanth Murugan, Global Director Sales Engineering

Data centers come in all shapes and sizes, their designs driven by a multitude of factors.  These can be highly disparate, from the purpose it is used for; to the physical environmental it is located in; the materials it’s constructed of; or even who it is designed – global co-location companies, cloud computing specialists, telecom service operators etc. Continue reading