CamdenBoss Launches Active DIN Rail Enclosures

CamdenBoss Active DIN Rail EnclosuresCamdenBoss has launched an innovative range of DIN Rail enclosures enabling quick and easy contact with a powered “active” track within the DIN Rail. Multiple enclosures from the company’s CNMB, CDIB and CVB-Plus ranges can be used in conjunction with the new active power track, connecting via specially developed 5mm pitch terminal blocks. Terminal blocks are available for both horizontal or vertical mounting PCB options within the standard CamdenBoss DIN Rail enclosures.

Active tracks feature five bus lines manufactured from tin and nickel plated copper within a black PVC extrusion. Each power line is rated up to 63V at 5A. Five lines allows the customer to use power or data bus bars as their system requires. This allows implementation of many protocols including RS232, RS485, 12C etc. The active DIN system allows enclosures to be removed and refitted quickly and easily without affecting other units on the rail.

Exposed parts of the active power track can be protected using plastic covers that are easily cut to length with scissors or craft knife. End caps provide further protection and a neat aesthetic finish.

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