Pixus Offers New Development Embedded Chassis Platform With Removable Sidewalls

Pixus-Open Frame ChassisPixus Technologies now offers a development enclosure for 3U, 6U, or custom sized boards with sidewalls that can be removed.  This feature allows a system to be enclosed for thermal testing and the walls to be taken out for ease of access to boards inside the chassis.

The VPXD1000R holds up to eight backplane slots at a 1.0 inch pitch.  Pixus offers 3U and 6U backplanes in OpenVPX, CompactPCI Serial, VME64x, and legacy CompactPCI and VME designs.  The card guides can be adjusted in 0.2 inch increments to accept various slot pitches.  Further, Pixus offers removable conduction-cooled card guides.  This allows IEEE 1101.2 conduction-cooled modules to be tested next to other air-cooled cards inside the same enclosure.

The Pixus development enclosure has removable sidewalls for both front pluggable cards and the optional Rear Transition Module (RTM) section.  The unit has standard 600W or 1200W modular power supplies for a wide range of voltages and amperage levels commonly used in OpenVPX and other architectures.  Customized versions or VITA 62 PSUs are also available.  Pixus offers power interface boards per PICMG 2.11 and VITA 62 to accept various pluggable power supplies.  The VPXD1000R also features an adjustable fan speed dial.

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