Bourns Expands Line of Multifuse Ultra-Low Resistance Surface Mount PPTC Resettable Fuses

bourns_ultralow_resistance_smdBourns, Inc. has expanded its successful line of ultra-low resistance Multifuse Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC) resettable fuses. Bourns is introducing the model series MF-PSML (0805 size) while adding new low-profile devices to the company’s existing MF-NSML (1206 size) and MF-USML (1210 size) series products. Bourns is extensively increasing its Multifuse product line to provide design engineers with a breadth of low-resistance overcurrent and thermal circuit protection solutions that meet their space-constrained application requirements.

Featuring small package sizes from 1210 to 0805, the expanded Multifuse line delivers increased resettable fuse performance from higher hold currents (Ihold) up to 7.0 Amps, higher voltages (Vmax) and post trip resistance values as low as 12 mOhms for enhanced resistance stability. For example, providing ultra-low resistance values helps boost the line’s current-carrying capability where one model can now achieve a 7 Amps Ihold in a compact 1210 package (MF-USML700-2). These features enable longer battery life and faster charging in today’s smaller lithium-ion battery-based devices making the new models ideal resettable protection solutions for a wide range of portable electronic applications.

All the new Multifuse models are based on Bourns’ freeXpansion technology, which is a space-saving manufacturing process that enables smaller surface mount package sizes, while also making it possible for Multifuse devices to handle larger currents and voltages with improved resistance stability.

“The ultra-low resistance, small footprint, and low profile all make our latest Multifuse product series ideal protection solutions for a new generation of space-constrained portable devices including smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones, PC motherboards, USB drives and gaming consoles,” said Lee Bourns, Multifuse Product Line Manager at Bourns, Inc. “And because these devices are based on Bourns’ freeXpansion technology, they offer superior current, voltage and resistance performance over traditional PTC solutions for designs that require more advanced overcurrent and overtemperature protection.”

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