Laird Launches Wireless Safe-E-Stop in Europe for Emergency Shutdowns in Manufacturing, Automated Production Line Environments

HANNOVER, Germany, April 19, 2018 Seconds matter when it comes to manufacturing and production line mishaps that can injure workers or damage equipment, especially in fast-paced, heavily automated environments.

And, while hard-wired emergency-stop push button devices — or e-stops are the required solution to shutting down a production or manufacturing line, the arrival of wireless control technology for e-stop buttons now allows greater worker mobility and a faster response time in the event of a line emergency.
Laird (LRD: London) announced today that its wireless Safe-E-Stop device is now available throughout Europe. Without diminishing the existing safety level, it can easily be integrated with any assembly lines and other production systems.

The Sil3 certified Safe-E-Stop, which was launched several months ago in North America, further enhances on-the-job safety by allowing an individual or group of operators to immediately shut-down a production line or any kind of machinery that moves — without having to run to a hard-wired e-stop station.
In some cases, the closest machine-mounted e-stop could be in the same danger zone created by the emergency. So, rushing to the next available e-stop could be a hazard and add precious seconds if not minutes to an emergencys response time.

Lairds Safe-E-Stop will be on display at Booth G45, Hall 21, at CeMAT, April 23-27, 2018 at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds, Messegelnde, D-30521, in Hannover, Germany.

We understand the critical importance of worker safety as well as the need for easy implementation for our customers, said Karsten Nitsch, Global Quality Systems Manager, Laird. Our new Safe-E-Stop system is a highly reliable, cost-effective wireless solution that can be easily integrated, and enhances hard-wired e-stop systems to save precious seconds to avert worker injury or even death, and potential equipment damage in the event of an emergency.

Safe-E-Stops key attributes include:
The system provides continuous status indicators with LED and LCD displays.
The EtherNet/IP port on the Machine Safety Device (MSD) can be used to fully report the status of actuated wireless E-Stops to operations personnel.
Up to five Personal Safety Devices (PSDs) can be simultaneously linked to the MSD, which permits multiple operators to work independently or collaboratively to oversee an operation or solve a problem.
If an E-Stop on any of the linked PSDs is activated, the MSD commands a stop. All PSDs are immediately notified of the stop condition, the machine is shutdown, and the system identifies the PSD responsible for the stop.
The PSDs have visual and haptic (vibration) warning systems for conditions such as low battery and low RF signal designed to allow workers to move about the area (within a 100m line-of-sight range of the MSD).

The system features:
SIL 3 certification (TUV approved)
Frequency bands 433, 447, and 869 MHz supported
PSDs include a rechargeable Li-ion battery with 14-hour operating life and three-hour rapid charge
RJ45 EtherNet/IP port

About Laird: Laird is focused on providing systems, components and solutions that protect electronics from electromagnetic interference and heat, and that enable mission critical connectivity through wireless applications and advanced antenna systems. Lairds products are critical to all sectors of the electronics industry, including transportation, industrial, medical, telecommunications, computing, and the mobile device sectors. Laird employs nearly 9,700 employees at 48 locations, including 20 engineering and manufacturing facilities, 18 research and design centers, and 10 sales and administrative offices, in 19 countries worldwide.

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