GlacialTech Announces Igloo FR210 Series Cold Forging Heatsinks

Glacial-IglooFR210GlacialTech has release a series heatsinks using cold forging technology that are well suited for lighting application from 100 W to 200 W. The Igloo FR210 series heatsink expands three models of 21cm diameter with different heights: Igloo FR210B (100 W), Igloo FR210C (150 W) and Igloo FR210D (200 W).

The Igloo FR210 series using AL1070 aluminum, with thermal resistance at 0.81 °C/W for Igloo FR210B, 0.70 °C/W for Igloo FR210C, and 0.64 °C/W for Igloo FR210D. These new heatsinks have different thick bases from 6 mm to 8 mm, to address the specific needs of LED Technology. With a thicker base, heat dissipation spreads over a larger area for the heatsink to operate more effectively.

Cold forging produces heatsinks that have better heat dissipation than die-casting and aluminum extrusion.

GlacialTech’s cold forging thermal solutions lineup includes from 5 W to 200 W are designed with a focus on cost-effective performance, as well as weight and volume reduction. GlacialTech’s LED lighting applications are designed to offer lightweight, space-efficient cooling at a great value.

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