Graco AFD Partners with Telecom Infrastructure Manufacturer on Integrated Fluid Dispense Solution

GracoGraco Advanced Fluid Dispense (AFD) has partnered with a major global telecommunications infrastructure manufacturer to develop an automated fluid dispense solution for use in assembling large cellular phone towers. The integrated solution includes the Graco UniXact automation platform, a fully automated precision dispense solution that provides a single source for motion, fluid dispense, and process monitoring optimized for applications that require accurate and repeatable processes, including thermal interface management (TIM) applications. The solution incorporates the Graco C500 automation platform with a positive displacement servo-driven PosiDot meter mix and dispense system, fed by a Graco DynaMite 190 air-powered pump.

The Graco solution was brought in to replace the customer’s original fluid dispense system, which had incorporated incorrect components leading to premature valve wear as well as un-optimized motion profile resulting in failed dispense of the thermal interface material. The filler in the material was wearing away the valves and seals, causing machine failure and dispense variation. In addition, they experienced significant problems achieving process consistency due to the shear sensitive nature of the material, and had to make continual adjustments to achieve the accuracy required. This is a direct result of poor support and improper component and dispense profile selection.

Graco dispense experts were brought in to consult with the company to solve their problem after the existing equipment supplier failed to respond. They devoted the time and resources necessary to educate the customer on application issues, and then focused on troubleshooting existing equipment and loaning the new Graco equipment to prove out the proposed solution – all within 6 weeks of being called to assess the problem.

“This project is a perfect example of Graco’s pledge to be a single source solution with global application and local support,” said Troy Derkson, global business development manager, Automation at Graco AFD. “We are able to connect the dots between the customers’ manufacturing locations in Europe and Southeast Asia and material suppliers in North America.”

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